The World’s Highest-Paid Male Actors 2016

Forbes released its Annual list of the highest paid actors in the world and it had a lot to say about the entertainment industry. The lists, which show the actors’ earnings pre-tax and before the deduction of management fees, were produced by Forbes using data from Nielsen, Box Office Mojo and IMDb and interviews with agents, managers and lawyers.

Here are the names of the top 10 Male Actors in the list.

10. Adam Sandler, $30 million

Adam sandler
Though it has been a while since Adam Sandler had an out-and-out multiplex hit, he continues to command top dollar for bloated budget movies such as 2015’s “Pixels.” Sandler, whose films have traditionally been popular with on-demand and DVD-watching couch potatoes, this year signed on to make four films exclusively for Netflix. The deal saves on costly distribution and delivers Sandler’s comedies directly to his target audiences, though Sandler has already come under fire for allegedly racist depictions on the set of mock Western “The Ridiculous 6.”

9. Brad Pitt and Akshay Kumar, $31.5 million

Akshay Kumar is a world renowned Indian film actor, martial artist and a producer who has featured in hundreds of Hindi Films. He has won several awards in his professional career as a film actor attracting many other great accolades.
He is one of Bollywood’s busiest leading men and banked top rupee for three hit films. The action star bolsters his earnings endorsing a wider range of products than most Hollywood shills: Honda motorcycles, a dairy producer and a gold loan company, among others.
 Brad Pitt, earning, paid
On other hand The Hollywood heartthrob made $31.5 million thanks to roles on and off the big screen. Pitt produced and acted in “The Big Short,” which won an Oscar and grossed over $133.3 million at the worldwide box office. Pitt also did double-duty for the upcoming “War Machine,” which Netflix reportedly paid $60 million to acquire. This is the first year since 2007 that the 57-year-old’s earnings surpassed $30 million.

8. Shah Rukh Khan and Robert Downey Jr, $33 million


Shah-rukh-Khan, earning
Last year’s highest-paid actor, Downey has had a quieter year with just “Captain America: Civil War” released in our June 2015 through June 2016 scoring period. His earnings are down 58% from $80 million last year; the majority of his annual paycheck comes from his turn as Iron Man in Marvel’s movies. He pads his income with endorsements for Taiwanese smartphone dealer HTC. Shah Rukh Khan continues to rule Bollywood’s box office with the lead role in hit “Dilwale” and many others, earning multimillion-dollar upfront fees and a cut of the back-end for his efforts. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.

7. Vin Diesel, $35 million


Vin Diesel, earning
With an upfront paycheck for the latest Diesel-powered installment, “Furious 8,” plus a sequel to “Guardians of The Galaxy,” the gravelly-voiced actor joins our list for the third time. A key user of Facebook’s “Facebook Live” feature, he has 100 million Facebook fans. “The whole point [of “Fast and the Furious”] was to diversify Hollywood,” Diesel told in 2015.

6. Ben Affleck, $43 million

Ben Affleck, earning,
It may have been panned by critics, but “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” gave Affleck the best box office of his career: The movie grossed over $873 million worldwide.
The caped crusader earns big from upfront fees and backend profits for the series, helping him pocket his highest annual paycheck yet.

5. Johnny Depp, $48 million

Johnny Depp
In May a judge ordered a restraining order against Depp after his then-wife Amber Heard alleged he physically and verbally abused her.
The couple reached a $7 million divorce settlement in August.
The damning accusations did not impact his earnings during our scoring period—he pocketed an estimated eight figures upfront for the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” instalment and box office bomb “Alice Through the Looking Glass” with 300 Million Box office collection—but his earnings will likely plummet next year.

4. Tom Cruise, $53 million

 Highest-Paid Male, Top List, video, Hollywood, actors,
Hollywood’s favourite Scientologist banked a big backend paycheck for 2015′s “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation,” plus upfront fees for a “Jack Reacher” sequel and “Mena.”
At 53, he still manages to notch action hero roles thanks in no small part to his success as agent Ethan Hunt–the five-part M:I series has grossed nearly $2.8 billion globally.

3. Matt Damon, $55 million

 Highest-Paid Male, Top List, video, Hollywood, actors,
The red planet turned green: Damon’s “The Martian” grossed a mighty $630.1 million on a $108 million budget. Damon earned handsomely from the film and nabbed a Best Actor Oscar nod, while banking sizable checks for his return as Jason Bourne and an east-west co-production, “The Great Wall.”

2. Jackie Chan, $61 million

 Highest-Paid Male, Top List, video, Hollywood, actors,
The world’s No. 2 highest-paid actor hasn’t had a stateside live-action smash in ages, but he’s the king of China’s burgeoning box office, thanks in part to a cozy connection with Beijing.
Chan starred in the latest installment of the Monkey King franchise and has several Chinese films in post production.
As a producer/investor and actor, he benefits from government censors looking kindly on his films.


1. Dwayne Johnson, $64.5 Million

The wrestler turned actor has the Fast and Furious franchise and the movie San Andreas to thank for becoming the biggest gainer in the industry so far, almost doubling his pay check compared to 2015. Rock-solid box office numbers helped the erstwhile wrestler become the world’s highest-paid actor. Since helping launch the billion-dollar Fast and Furious franchise and leading 2015’s “San Andreas” to a surprising $473 million worldwide, Dwayne Johnson has become Hollywood’s go-to action hero. Next up for the beefy star: a starring role in the upcoming “Baywatch” remake. “I can kick ass better than anyone on the planet,” he once told FORBES. “And I have a decent smile.

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