10 Gross Things That Keep You Healthy

Germs, certain types of food, sucking bugs — everyone has their own idea of what constitutes the grossest things on earth. But no matter how gross we might find them, some things are actually good for you.

10. Farting and burping:

Farting and burping

Don’t be ashamed! It’s good for you! During the digestive process, the body produces gas, and where does it go? To the nearest exit! It may sound and smell unpleasant, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep us from exploding. If you’re more prone to gas, you may consider backing off on gas-producing foods like broccoli, onions, and cabbage.

9. Pus:


When you’re squeezing a pimple, the sight of pus is always a bit unnerving and nauseating, but it is an important part of our immune system. Your body’s response to infection is to send an army of soldiers, or white blood cells, to fight the infection. The more of these white blood cells die in battle, the more pus will show up at the surface. Of course, if you have a bad infection with a lot of pus, it’s a good idea to help your body fight the infection by cleaning the wound regularly and seeing a doctor to get antibiotics rather than letting your white blood cells do all the work.

8. Poop:


It’s not just a way for your body to eliminate unnecessary waste, it’s also an indicator of your health for you to check. Small, hard pebbles indicate dehydration, while thin poop and diarrhea are potential signs of illness or a malfunctioning gallbladder. Poop should be formed like a sausage and should be easily eliminated from the body.

7. Mucus:


Without mucus, you’d likely be dead. As Dr. Michael M. Johns III explains, “It is the oil in the engine. Without mucus, the engine seizes.” Mucus lubricates your airways so you can breathe properly, and also protects your gastrointestinal tract so you can digest your food. The stringy, sticky stuff also works to trap bacteria, dust, pollen, and other unmentionables you breathe in that shouldn’t be in your lungs. It even has antibodies and enzymes that kill bacteria and viruses to prevent you from getting sick. A healthy body produces a half a gallon of mucus every day, with your nose pushing out a new batch every 20 minutes. Most of it is swallowed before you even notice. However, when your body is irritated by an allergen or a virus, you start producing mucus of a thinner consistency to force out the offending intruder, which is why you notice having a runny nose.

6. Sweat:


The $19 billion dollar antiperspirant and deodorant industry is a pretty big indication that most people don’t like dripping with sweat all day. You know why babies smell so sweet? Because their sweat glands are not yet active. In fact, our sweat glands don’t become fully developed until we are about 12. Sweat is necessary to cool the body, and although sweat itself has no smell, the bacteria on our bodies does smell. Unsurprisingly, areas like armpits tend to have more bacteria, which is why they tend to be noticeably rank when you sweat a lot. The smell is also affected by the foods we eat, such as onions and curry powders.

5. Water blisters:

Water blisters

These usually appear when rubbing occurs on the feet, like on a long hike or when you’re wearing the wrong shoes. While blisters are painful and cumbersome, it’s better not to pop them as they protect the skin from infection and help it heal. The liquid inside the blister will eventually reabsorb into the body. Note that blood blisters are different, as they are generally not caused by friction or burns and are, obviously, filled with blood. In rare cases, large water blisters may need to be drained or may get infected, and in these cases, you should probably see a doctor.

4. Ear wax:

Ear wax

North Americans spend over $60 million on home ear-cleaning products, and 12 million people visit the doctor every year to have their earwax removed professionally. However Like snot, ear wax is an essential part of the body. It keeps the tubes lubricated, and it keeps germs and dust from entering the ears and causing damage. and if people just let it be, they wouldn’t have so much ear wax build up in the first place.

3. Vomit:


We know you know that vomit is actually a good thing. Vomit is your body’s way of purging what it considers potentially dangerous substances. From stomach flu to overconsumption of alcohol, be thankful to your body for getting rid of what doesn’t belong. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t always know when they are protecting us from something dangerous when they’re just responding to the mild flu or the hormones that cause morning sickness, so not all instances of vomiting are helpful.



Some strains of bacteria can cause nasty infections, but you’d be nothing without it as a whole. In fact, your body contains equal parts microbial cells (bacteria, viruses, and other microbes) and human cells, meaning your just as much non-human as you are a person! While people are starting to accept that not all bacteria are harmful, hence the proliferation of probiotics, most still overwhelmingly associate bacteria with a disease. But the reality is that fewer than 15% of the bacteria in our bodies can cause illness, and the other 85% helps us survive or, at very least, doesn’t hurt us. Good bacteria helps us break down and digest our food, boosts our immune system, synthesizes vitamins essential to our survival, and keeps vaginas free from a number of illnesses, including yeast infections.

1.Fecal Transplants:

Fecal Transplants

Fecal Transplants Yep, you read that right. Yes, we are talking about poop from a healthy person is transplanted via enema to a sick person. This method has been found to help people heal from digestive disorders and other types of infection. No, we are not kidding. One study, involving more than 300 people who suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, found that 92 percent of these people had their gastro problems solved after a fecal transplant.

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