10 Daredevils You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Being a daredevil comes with plenty of danger. Some stunts carry a risk of broken bones and other such injuries, while some stunts have a very good chance of killing you. so, we have collected Craziest Stunts Ever Tried by Daredevils. 

10. Cemre Candar

YouTuber Cemre Candar, who is known for his over-the-top videos, thought it would be a great idea to smother spicy sauce all over his body in a new clip posted online. For this latest stunt, daredevil Cemre Candar thought it would be a good idea to take a bath in a tub filled with the equivalent of 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. He was wrong. He went so far as to consume hot peppers and dunk his head in the mixture. The result was overwhelming misery. Hours later, after cleaning off, Candar showed off his red blotchy skin and explained that he was still feeling the horrible burning sensation.

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9. Paul Rosolie

An American naturalist filmed himself being eaten alive by a snake for a TV stunt but is now facing ridicule for getting his safety team to save him after just part of his head was consumed. In footage aired on the Discovery Channel in 2014, 27-year-old Paul Rosolie and his 10-strong team tracked down the 20ft-long anaconda to the headwaters of the Amazon. Donning a black armored suit and slathered in pig blood, Rosolie moved tentatively “on all fours” toward the enormous beast as the cameras rolled and his wife, Gowri, watched. 

Seconds later, the female anaconda pounced on its 5′ 9″ victim, latching on to his head, before constricting his arms and body. As Rosolie felt his arm “start to break” under the snake’s grip, he ordered his team of fellow naturalists, doctors, and vets to save him, with just the top of his head in the animal’s jaws. As the show aired, people across America took to social media to express their disappointment at the highly anticipated footage.

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8. Oleg Cricket

If you live in Dubai, then you’ve probably already heard of Oleg Cricket. The extreme sportsman’s Instagram has over 200,000 followers, and his recently released 4K YouTube video is terrifying, breathtaking, and sends shivers down your spine all at once. It’s already amassed 800,000 views and shows some of Dubai’s most beautiful scenes. 

His death-defying stunts include a handstand on a tiny platform on top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, sliding down the roof of a skyscraper, and using Dubai Marina as a climbing frame. The three-minute video features some of his already viral hits uploaded to Instagram. In one clip, he uses a hoverboard to skate on the roof of one of the towers in the Marina, with some new stunts filmed using drone footage.

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7. Luke Aikins

In July 2016, a daredevil leaped from a plane 25,000 feet into a giant net, becoming the first person in the world to complete a skydive without a parachute. Luke Aikins was in free fall for around two minutes after jumping from a small propeller plane above Simi Valley, California. The 42-year-old was not wearing a wing suit or emergency parachute for the jump, which was broadcast live on television. 

He thanked the dozens of crew members who spent two years helping him prepare for the jump, including those who assembled the net and made sure it worked. While Aikins has made over 18,000 skydives, he admitted to being nervous before his latest feat.

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This French high wire artist was profiled in the Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire. After successfully tightrope walking the cathedral at Notre Dame and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Petit set his eyes on the newly erected World Trade Center towers in 1974. 

In a fascinating feat that was as much a heist story as it was a physical accomplishment, Petit and his team successfully bypassed security at the towers, then fired a rope from one rooftop to the other with a bow and arrow. Petit danced on the rope for forty-five minutes as a crowd gathered below, making eight passes in all. He was arrested as soon as he stepped off the line, but charges were dropped in exchange for another show in Central Park.

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5. Alain Bombard

We’ve all seen movies where a person gets stuck in the ocean and is forced to survive, but Alain Bombard did it intentionally in 1952. He set out across the atlantic ocean in a rubber dinghy without food or water to prove a claim that a shipwrecked castaway could sustain life on nothing more than fish, plankton, rainwater and the control drinking small amounts of seawater. After 65 days Alain return to land alive and well proving it’s POSSIBLE.

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4. Harry Houdini

We think of Harry Houdini as a magician, but he was clearly a magician with daredevil tendencies. One of Houdini’s most famous tricks was his escape from a securely closed packing crate after it had been dropped into water. Houdini first performed the escape in New York’s East River in 1912. Locked in handcuffs and leg-irons, the crate he was in was then nailed shut and secured and weighted with 200 pounds of lead. The crate was lowered into the water; Houdini escaped in 57 seconds. We can’t tell you how he did it (magician’s code of honor and such) but every time the trick was performed, the magician appears to have run the distinct risk of drowning.

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3. Alain Robert

Alain Robert, also known as the human Spiderman. It’s not a single stunt that puts him on this list, he continuously pushes the boundaries of free solo climbing by showing up at a random skyscraper and climbing it without warning. He’s climbed over 100 skyscrapers and usually does it without ropes using just his bare hands. 

In 2011, he performed a legal climb of the 2,717-foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai, but with the partial use of a safety harness. However, his three climbs of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were completed without safety equipment. Those climbs landed Robert in jail — and landed him a secure spot on greatest daredevil list for the foreseeable future.

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2. Penny Palfrey

In June of 2011, Australian marathon swimmer Penny Palfrey emerged from the sea onto the Cayman Islands, staggering, puffy-faced, arms held up weakly in triumph. She had just swam 40 hours, unaided, through 67 miles of shark-infested waters (she remembers kicking something solid), and was stung three times by jellyfish, leaving her tongue and mouth swollen severely. After arriving on shore, she was immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for severe dehydration, muscle tears and jellyfish stings.

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1. Evel Knievel

It wouldn’t be a list of most dangerous stunts without mention of the granddaddy of all daredevils, Evel Knievel. This courageous motorcycle stuntman may be responsible for single-handedly creating the daredevil superstar character. Many of his jumps were spectacular, but the most ambitious was the Snake River Canyon jump by way of a rocket-powered motorcycle. Unfortunately, the stunt failed, but Knievel still found a place in the record books: he holds the record for most broken bones, 433 to be exact.

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For those of us who prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground, the question arises: Why? Perhaps extreme tightrope walker Petit explained it best when he answered (with perfect French profundity), “There is no why.”
Who You think is the biggest daredevil of alltime let us know in the comment section below.

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